Top Mobile Apps for the Summer in New York

Worry Free LabsTop Mobile Apps for the Summer in New York
Worry Free LabsTop Mobile Apps for the Summer in New York

At Worry Free Labs we eat, live and breathe mobile apps, so our team of mobile designers and developers frequently share mobile apps we enjoy using, have great user experiences and add value to our lives.

Here's a few of our favorite apps for the summer:


Paradine is a mobile app that solves the problem of getting restaurant reviews from friends or people you trust. It has an intuitive user experience so that users can quickly find a restaurant recommendation in a few clicks. Users can filter restaurants, by Location, "Friend Favs", Price, and Category. Users can also see a feed of restaurant recommendations from their friends. The Paradine team is based in New York, NY and Worry Free Labs was thrilled to help them with this project. Just recently, Paradine finished in 3rd place for the Winners Choice Award at TechCrunch Disrupt.

Pizza Compass

Want pizza? Download Pizza Compass and find the nearest pizza joint. This iOS mobile app gives you access to an excellent map of nearby pizza shops in New York. Select one, and the app's pizza-based User Interface will show you whether it's open and how far away it is (the pizza steams if it's close). You can point the slice to discover which direction leads to which restaurant. Your stomach will thank you.


Pingspot is a mobile app that allows you to ping places you visit, leave a photo and a recommendation for your friends, so that together, you can discover the best eats and hippest outlets around you.


Everest is a iPhone Mobile app that helps you capture your life's journey. Users can post pictures of moments that are monumental or just noteworthy and worth capturing. This app has a nice, clean design and is easy-to-use. So, start using it this summer to track your memories so you don't forget.
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