Look, feel and functionality – when these concepts are executed correctly, the complexity of the user experience appears simple and clear. Worry Free Labs’ design process encompasses research through fully developed design deliverables and ultimately digital products.

Worry Free Labs designs addictive experiences that change consumer behavior and create useful experience for enterprises.

Our tailored approach to information architecture, user experience and design compels adoption.
Development is based on user research, persona development, creative conceptual development, sketching, wire-framing and prototyping.

We push creative UI to its most meaningful limits to give users not just a beautiful experience, but more importantly, the intended experience. At Worry Free Labs we don’t just design for design’s sake.


  • Concept generation & prioritization
  • Transforming user insights and opportunity areas into product concepts
  • Collaboration to identify business/technology requirements
  • User requirements identification
  • Advocacy in the design and evolution of strategies, organizations and business practices

Our UX design process consists of four phases:


Define the product’s specific goals, outcomes and success factors. Learn user goals and use that information to formulate design concepts. At the end of this phase, we establish a project plan to dictate what needs to be accomplished and how to accomplish it.


DiscoverDiscover trends, market opportunities and relevant criteria that help us meet identified project goals; learn user desires and behaviors to create a better client experience.


UXEnvision the ideal product or service for users by brainstorming the information architecture, user flows and functionality to create an optimal user experience.


WireframeRealize the final product through high-fidelity wireframes developed to illustrate and test vetted ideas with the project team and potential users.

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